From idea to reality

Anyone considering giving a specially composed piece of music as a present wants to be sure that their wishes are fulfilled to the best of their ability. Our working method is tailored to this. As a potential customer, you consult with the composer about the assignment in person. And the agreements are laid down in a contract. Step by step, the procedure is as follows.

  1. Contact

    You can contact composer Ad Wammes. You can do so by filling in the contact form (after which Ad Wammes will email you back). But you can also write Ad Wammes directly on:

  2. Consultation

    You discuss the duration and the atmosphere of the composition with the composer. You tell to which person the composition is dedicated, on what occasion this takes place and who should be mentioned as commissioner(s). You may also provide some more information about the recipient of the gift, so the composition can be tailored to that person.

  3. Contract

    Once your wishes are clear, the composer will lay them down in a contract, which will be sent to you for signature. The contract will also state the total cost, the delivery date, the amount of the down payment and other conditions.

  4. Getting Started

    The composer will begin work as soon as the signed contract and deposit have been received. The present will then be sent to you before the delivery date.

Contact the composer